3 ways to Stay Motivated during a training lull

July 25, 2017


Getting our daily exercise or activity can be highly motivating and inspiring, however what happens when the inspiration dwindles? How do we hang on to the gusto? It's times like these it's so important to find ways to stay motivated, as often we grasp so tightly on to the motivation when it's gone, that we only leave ourselves even more disappointed and guilty. This often leads to rebounds, emotional eating and even less activity that than ever.

Slow progress is better than no progress!

Training below par is better than not training at all. This can be really screw with your head because after all we are always assuming progression week in week out. What if you are fighting a virus you have no idea about?
What if your in a calorie deficit and its hampering your performance? What if your stressed or fatigued from other aspects of your life?
It's important to sometimes give yourself some leeway, squatting 120 kg for 12 one week then only managing 9 at 100kg doesn't mean you should throw the towel in, It means you are pushing the current maximum of your ability on that particular day.
So in theory a workout done badly can be just as productive as hitting new PB's. Progress and achievement is addictive, however show me one successful person who hasn't suffered failure or set backs in the past.

Take a pre workout (but not always)

Taking a pre workout can be beneficial especially for training when you're feeling tired or sub par. Pre workouts have a host of different ingredients to stimulate and the mind, the central nervous system and the muscles. Just ensure you don't start to rely on them because then you will not see the same desired performance once your body has become used to the compounds. Not only that, it can also lead to further fatigue of the central nervous system and in extreme cases the adrenal system with over usage. The other benefit of pre workout is that it's a ritualistic process, once you have taken it you know you have to in the gym training otherwise you will have the jitters, the itches and no where to vent out all the pent up energy!

Do more of what you enjoy

If you are enjoying the process of exercising and increased fitness levels, rather than enduring it your progress will be much faster and more streamlined. So, if you prefer training upper body, train it most, don't neglect lower body completely as you do not want any muscular imbalances. Or if you prefer doing kickboxing, do that more, instead of jogging on the treadmill which you despise. When you are being active doing something you don't enjoy, it's just an additional stressor to your already stressed life, therefore your results are going to be slow and pain staking. It's a statistical fact that happier people develop results quicker, physically, mentally, spiritually, in literally every aspect.

So there you have it, 3 diverse ways to keep yourself motivated when going through a training lull. 

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