5 rituals to implement in your first half hour of the day!

August 2, 2017

Recently I've been implementing some rituals which I have never really done consciously in the past, however now, doing them consciously is giving me a new lease of inspiration in the mornings.


I first read about these rituals on Tim Ferris' (author of 4h work week) newsletter. Although they seem so simple - I can vouch that they are effective.  I have changed little bits and pieces to fit my lifestyle however the crux of it is the same.


By setting your alarm 30 mins earlier you can enter your day with a lot more vigour, energy and peace! 

(Taken at Gili Lankanfushi resort Maldives



1) Drink 500 ml of Water

This is my own implementation of the 5 rituals, being a fitness professional and nutritionist its definitely top of my list to grab a large glass of water and replenish loss of fluid through hours and hours of lack of hydration. Second to oxygen, water is the most important element required for our bodies. You can add any other health protocols you like, many people like to add lemon juice or soda bicarbonate or apple cider vinegar in order to alkalise their bodies.


2) Meditate or Pray

Depending on your belief system, meditation, quiet contemplation or prayer can be extremely effective in creating a calm and stress reduced day. I found a really calming, short, and energising meditation which you can find here.

This short time is an opportunity for you to reflect and organise your day, rather than anxiously rush into it unprepared. It is also known to make your brain larger and function better, see cited paper (


3) Make your Bed

I've definitely been guilty of not doing this regularly. There are many subliminal reasons to make your bed first thing. It give you a sense of achievement, its the first task of the day and its completed. Don't just throw the duvet over your bed, spend time to flatten it out, and arrange the cushions, making it look neat and tidy will also make you feel good. It's one thing in our day we can most definitely be in control of which will start your day with a sense of peace and clarity.


4) Do 10 reps of something

This is an interesting one, after have a good wake up stretch do 10 reps of a specific exercise ranging from a body squat, pushup, literally anything. This is not a workout (obviously) it's merely a wake up call for your body.  All we are doing is priming our body for the day, waking up the central nervous system, allowing blood flow to all the capillaries in all our extremities.


5) Have a hot drink 

The choice is yours, there are a wide range of teas and coffees at your disposal. The most beneficial for alertness and productivity are Coffee and Green Tea due to their caffeine content. Be aware of drinks which have additional sugars or similar  as they will cause big energy spikes with a crash at the other end. Best thing to have is the drink in its most natural form. I like to make a nice strong coffee from my mocha on the stove with Organic ground coffee from Icons Coffee Couture.


In Tim Ferris' top 5 rituals he also talks of writing 3 goals and 3 things which you are grateful for, which is fantastic. Currently I'm perfecting these rituals then I will move on to documenting the above. Give it a go and see how these little improvements will make a difference.








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