3 reasons to use a Healthy Food Delivery Service in Dubai?

August 6, 2017

Dubai dwellers know how fast paced this city can be, this can have a profound effect on our activity levels, sleeping patterns and our diet. If you have come to Dubai and put on the "Dubai Stone" it could be from a number of reason however, there is a solution in the form of innovative new businesses that deliver healthy, calorie and macro counted meals to your door.





This is something which is institutional in Dubai, people love convenience. So if you can wake up and all your food for the day is prepared in a cool pack then all you have to do is open the box (potentially heat it) and eat it. The convenience aspect doesn't just stop at doorstep delivery. The fact that you don't have to aimlessly walk up and down grocery isles and go home and prepare, cook and serve up your food in tupperware boxes. The amount of time saved here is priceless!

Lastly, you can consume the food anywhere and everywhere, in the car, in the office, in the gym changing rooms. So you will never be caught "hangry" with low blood sugar level making you crave grab and go junk food.




Healthy food companies often take into consideration what restaurants don't. For example they will count the calories for each meal, and often the macro nutrient ratios. We all know the loss or gain of fat or muscle boils down to either a caloric deficit or surplus. However sufficient protein levels, the correct kind of carbohydrates and fats and salt and sugar levels are all considered when healthy food delivery companies formulate recipes for the customers. Another benefit is that they can vary the fruit and vegetables in your meals every day and without wastage at the end of the week, which is often the case when you buy groceries.

 Most healthy food companies have expert who will guide you to which programme you should follow. As a rule of thumb, women should never go below 1300 calories and men should never go below 1800 calories. The numbers should be even greater if they are active individuals.




Many companies invest alot of time in the taste of their food too. Goal based foods should not be bland, its easy to create highly nutritious meals which taste good too. They can be very creative in their methods of creating good healthy meals and snacks. Always make sure you make some enquiries before investing in your meal plan company to make sure its right for you. Some companies base their food more towards bodybuilders and physique athletes who tends to have their food more bland. 


Who do I choose? Of course as you can see I work with MySixPak for various reasons.


  • Personally I prefer tasty food, which are aligned with my goals.

  • Secondly, i need to ensure there is sufficient protein in the meals as I am highly active and do alot of muscular hypertrophy training.

  • Unlike many companies, they prepare and deliver the food on the same day of consumption, so its always very fresh. 

  • Lastly, I like the values of the company, they are always working on innovative ways to make the food taste better, without compromising on the food being goal orientated.

On that note, if you decide to start a meal plan with MySixPak mention me to receive 10% off :)

































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